As I sit here thinking about Thanksgiving and what it means to us (and watching it begin to snow for the first time this year) I have so much to be thankful for, I am so blessed!  This past month I had a scare that, again, helped me to appreciate my health!  I am very thankful that I have amazing people in my life that show concern and care for me.

In daycare, we had so much fun with our impromptu PJ day!  Thanks, Cooper!  We celebrated by having a Turkey Party!  Turkey bowling was a hit!  We were surprised to see who has some skills in bowling! We have been talking about transportation this month so I thought it would be fun to add cars to go bowling for numbered turkeys.  Fun!

We also enjoyed a T-Day dinner together. The kiddos used the skills they have been learning about table etiquette to help me set the table for a fancy dinner.  This included my “fancy dishes = fancy because they were glass and not plastic!”  The lunch time is such an educational time for me! They love to talk about their lives and plan out events together!  You all are doing a great job of raising up amazing adults!  They are great kids!

Also, Thank you for checking out our new site and all the exciting things that we do with the little people around here.  We have so much fun and ‘shush’ don’t tell them they are learning tons!  Because All we do around here is ‘PLAY!’

So, enjoy your family today as we begin this holiday season with Thanksgiving.  Snuggle them close and hold them as long as they will let you!  They grow up so quickly and before you know it, they will be driving away!  Thanks for sharing these little lives with me.  They are each so precious!



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