New Patio day!

Reminder: we are CLOSED on July 4th.

I am super excited to be getting our patio poured today! We will enjoy it so much, daycare and personally!  The kids had a blast watching the guys work!  The little’s were certain that the guys were doing it wrong! Because they were only putting mud there and we can’t ride our bikes on mud! They were pleasantly pleased when we came back from the park and saw it was changing.  We were able to put our hand/feet prints w/ initials in a section of the patio. They will be remembered for a long time after they leave here!

We are having an exciting and busy summer. This past week we were in the Kiddie Parade and WON first place!  We won $25 and got to walk in the Saturday big parade!  It was hot but we enjoyed the experience.  Thank you to the parents and even some grandparents who walked with us and helped in both parades! We also were able to walk to the Dorothy Olsen Aquatic Center for more Willmar Fest activities then got to go swimming.

Chase helped us last summer. He is so great with the kids. They enjoy him lots! He come by to play every so often.  They had the entire back yard and they all crammed into a big box (even Chase)! The adventures are endless.

My family were able to go see a soccer game at the Twin Stadium this weekend. What a fun and hot experience. I was able to steal a few selfies with my guys. ♥️

And lastly, we celebrated our dads on the Monday after Fathers Day. We did our “Doughnuts with Dad”.  Thank you to all of the Daddies that came to let us celebrate you. You all are doing a great job!  I love that all of the families are involved with the lives of the kids. They are blessed!

Thank you for taking time to read about our adventures. Have a great week.

Ms Sally


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