Farm food

We had so much fun last week learning about the food we get from the farm!

Monday, we discovered what happens when you drop an egg that is not cooked! We looked at the outside and inside of the egg. Then we got to really get messy when we examined the yolk. Some of them liked the gooy mess others went quickly to wash. We talked about the importance of not eating the egg until it was cooked. Some of our favorite ways to eat cooked eggs was scrambled and hard boiled. We got to eat hard boiled eggs for lunch after we inspected one of them at science time. Ultimately, they like eggs and are glad farmers can provide them so we can buy them at the grocery store.

Tuesday, wheat was the topic. While we were outside, the kids helped me tell the story of The Little Red Hen. I honestly think the ending surprised some of them. This story isn’t like most stories where everyone wins in the end. That ‘mean ole hen’ made them suffer and ate it in front of them. 😉 But it offered an opportunity for an explanation of how important it was to help when asked.

Wednesday, we were on to the topic of 🌽!  At the art cart we made ears of corn using bubble wrap and yellow paint. They could glue/cut green on for husks.

Thursday, we played a game of “would you rather?” We always enjoy the silly questions. This game helps with math and graphing skills. The kids get to vote on one answer with a name tag then we tally the graph. We see which question”wins” by having the most names.

Friday was by far the most fun! We added carrots to the farm food list. Some of them made a carrot prop to play with at free time. But the highlight was everyone helped prep and add the ingredients we had learned about this week to the soup for lunch! It went into the crockpot and cooked as we played at the park. We made veggie soup and when we came in the house smelled amazing.

We had lots of fun this week with food on the farm. I love the Mother Goose Time October Curriculum and the way that they present the materials.  The lesson plans are easy to “grab and learn,” which is an important part of why we love it for our group.  We are a learn as we play group.  Thanks for reading… until next time.



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