At the Pond

We are At the Pond this month with MGT!  It has been a big hit with everyone.  Here is the theme Web for what we have been talking about.


I’m a little behind in my posting but I have this condition of being 9 months preggo that seems to be zapping my “after-hours” posting time.  🙂 On that note, I will be soon taking a hiatus from posting on the fun that happens around the Playroom.   I will let you know that there will be lots of excitement that will happen in the near future but our Daycare friends will be enjoying their time in various other daycare places.  Thank you everyone for being prepared for other accommodations while Baby Calvin makes his arrival and allowing us to spend time as a family!  We are all supper excited about meeting him and getting to snuggle his little face!  I have enjoyed the extra snuggles the kids give me as they show excitement for our new bundle!  I have one daycare friend that EVERYDAY comes to me and gives me a hug and pats me on the shoulder and says, “I love You, Sally!”  Then he pats/rubs my belly and says “I love your baby, he’s so cute!”  He makes me smile.

Even being 9 months pregnant, we were still able to get to the park a couple of days when the weather was nice! Our energy level may have ran low before we made it to our desired park but we made it to a park regardless.

Joyful Kidz was blessed with, not one, but two big grants this year! We were able to receive some of the purchased items this week!  They fit right into our At the Pond theme!  We received a 1/4 circle rug that we added to our circle time/home living area.  This made the best lily pads for our tiny frogs and pond play!  We love to turn on the cd from MGT and dance to the songs.  The music is pretty catchy and full of action.  We also received a tunnel that we brought out on the day we talked about snakes.  That was fun!  Another purchase we received was the “tumble mat”.  (Not to be confused with a “wrestling mat!”)  I do have to say that I was a little apprehensive about the tumble mat, but even the biggest “kids” have had a blast with it!  ZC can’t wait to get it out and take dad on to see who will win!  I love to hear and see them play.  All three of these items will be an awesome addition for our winter time play.  Winters are long and we get a little stir crazy looking for ways to expel energy and these will do the trick nicely.

During our recent playtime we have explored so many activities and ideas from the pond. Everyone got to make a pond and add water, rocks, sand, frogs, ducks, and a lily pond that unfortunately wouldn’t float for us! 😦  But we had fun creating and playing in the water anyway.  They also investigated several types of plants that are found in the pond.

Here are a couple of other pictures about our time in the Playroom…

Thank you again for reading and hopefully enjoying what our little ones are busy with throughout the days here at the Playroom!

Ms. Sally


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