Dec 2, 2015

Today the kiddos enjoyed some classical music, Peter and the Wolf by Prokofief!  They loved it! We are talking about different instruments in the orchestra.  The rendition that I found included a narration of what character the instruments represented.  The first time I heard this I was in college in a dreadful music appreciation class!  It seemed to make the remaining class to come alive. I was excited to introduce it to the kids and share an appreciation of classical music!

Zane’s Creation ‘Mom caved and let me mix colors’- and this is what we get!



Cozy with some classical music!


Lunchtime was a HIT! Yum!

In Preschool, we began our December journals. We glued some intruments on the front and then drew ourselves using them.   I also found a website that has sound clips of various orchestra instruments. We had fun with that one!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

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