Dec 3, 2015

We got to go outside today!!  Yeah!  Fresh air (and getting ready) wore us out!  What a beautiful day! And… what a bunch of cuties!!

In Preschool, we learned about the letter Vv. And going with our orchestra theme we made the cutest violin prop!  The kids laced the strings on it (many times then with help).  Then we talked about how to ‘play’ it with a bow.

On a personal note, I love my job!  Sometimes, as with any career choice, we have hard days or challenging moments.  But I really have a great bunch of little ones.  They are a really neat group of kiddos!  Each one brings a unique dynamic to The Playroom.  The adults in their lives are doing a great job loving/teaching these “adults in training!” We have more to learn but they are off to a great start!  Thank you for allowing me to work with them and be apart of their lives.  As Zane says, ‘We love our “Brother-Friends”, and “Sister-Friends”!’

Until tomorrow…

Ms. Sally

Oh, and because I am new at this world of blogging, if you have any suggestions, ideas or additional comments, feedback is welcomed.


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