Dec 4, 2015

Happy Friday! Hopefully everyone had a great week.

Remember to have your child bring a Show N Tell item only on Friday’s.  The item needs to either go with the letter or the theme.  Next week we will be talking about “Sights and Sounds Outdoors”.

Decembers   4_Dec_Basic

Please remember to bring outside snow outfits back if you take them home this weekend.

Today we talked about pianos.  We played on Z’s keyboard for awhile.  Lots of musical talent in the making!   At circle time, we reviewed all the orchestra instruments we talked about this week. Today we made a paper piano and we each took turns writing a song to play.  Even the little ones love to sing and play!

For lunch we had ham and tortilla rollups, yogurt, sliced carrots and cucumbers (with ranch!), kiwi fruit and of course milk.  Most everyone loved it all and had happy plates!  They are such great eaters!

We have our Calvin Christmas in the Cities, Z has been very excited to go and has been talking it up to his dc friends.  We hope you are able to get some family time in too.  Do something special!  Whatever you do have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday!


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