Monday 12/7/15

A reminder about upcoming dates:

  • Saturday, Dec 19 is our RE-Scheduled Christmas Party. 10-Noon
    • Invites with details COMING SOON!
    • Please ask me about it if I haven’t talked to you already.
  • Dec 24 is a half day (We are leaving for Indiana by train!)
    • Please let me know if you WILL be here!
  • Dec 25 CLOSED Holiday
  • Dec 28 CLOSED Holiday
  • Dec 29 CLOSED Personal
  • Jan 1, 2016 CLOSED Holiday

Friday is Show N Tell.  Please bring in something you would see/hear outside in the winter.  (pictures are ok)

Today we were very excited to celebrate a special day!  A birthday!  HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, ASHER!  Birthdays are a BIG deal at daycare!  Z took it upon himself to find something of his to wrap and give to the birthday boy!  Everyone was happy!  It is fun and encouraging to be able to see a spirit of giving developing in the little ones.  It is a sign of growing up out of that developmentally appropriate stage of egocentrism. (It’s all about me!)  As we begin the biggest giving season of the year, I wanted to find an opportunity to share with the kids why we give and how it makes others feel.  I guess that is one thing I can check off on my list.  🙂  We have many birthdays this month and Christmas at the end of the month, so we have lots of times where we can practice.

This week we are learning about Sights and Sounds of Winter Outdoors.  Today we went on an adventure and found animal tracks in the “snow”.  We talked about what animal made the different tracks.  Then we played a board game with a spinner to see if everyone could cover their animal track spots with the animal cards. We focused on following the rules of the game, as opposed to having a winner.  Today everyone got to spin and win.  We also made reindeer headbands.  They loved to be able to put the eye stickers on and make silly faces.  We used their hands to make the antlers.

For lunch today we had turkey and noodle with California Blend veggies, bread, and 1/2 an apple.  Sometime, I will have to write a post on how the kids use the “chore chart” after they get done eating!  They are amazing!  And we are getting better at needing less reminders to check the chore chart and make sure they are all done!

We also have a star among us today.  One of our little ladies’ dance routine made it on the local online newspaper!  Willmar Tribune Online Can you spot her around 1:50?  Cute!



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