ICE: Dec 8, 2015

ICE, ICE, BABY!  🙂  Today we are learning about ice, what it takes to make it, and what happens when it melts.  We, once again brought out the exciting Science area!  We reviewed the safety rules when working with science experiments.  Then we went to town!  We compared crushed ice and ice cubes.  It was fun to hear stories of frozen lake stories.  Even as little ones their fish tales are quite large!  I told them about the first time I saw/walked on a frozen lake!  I had just moved to MN!  I had to call my mom and tell her about it!  We do not have frozen lakes in Southern Indiana!  It was quite a mind boggling experience to walk on the same water I swam in earlier in the year!  As we continued to examine the ice and observe it melting, we pretended we were icicles as the water dripped off our fingers.  I have to admit the favorite part of the science today was when we made “fuzzy ice”  I had them sprinkle baking soda on top of the ice and then use eye droppers to drip colored vinegar and watch what happened!  Wow!  By the time they were done with the colors the water was brown but still fuzzy!  We were able to hear the bubbles popping if we listened closely while the babies were taking a break from talking!  Another Win for Science!

We talked about icicles outside.  One of them mentioned that they LOVED to eat icicles!  Another quickly added that it is a very bad idea to eat an icicle from the tires (bottom of the car)!  Last year, we saw what is in an icicle hanging from a car.  We broke one off and then brought it inside and melted it.  Then we observed what was in the water and decided if we wanted to drink that water.  GROSS!!  I didn’t think that it had made a difference, but I guess someone remembered! The kids each created a house with icicles hanging for our village on the wall.  They got to use a pipette to blob some paint at the top and then watch it run down the house.  We then quickly sprinkled glitter on the paint to make it sparkly!  Because really, craft projects are better with sparkles!



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