Special Visitor: Dec 9, 2015

Today we skipped our regular preschool fun and enjoyed a play day with a special old friend who joined us for a few hours. It is important to be flexible with the little people.  It IS very important for them to be on a routine, but they also must know how to handle themselves if the routine is disrupted.  So… OUT came the dress up!  We had some very creative outfits!  The favorites remain to be ninja’s and some beautiful mommy’s and “visiting mommy’s”. (When they all want to be the Mommy and no one wants to be the baby, we have play days with our baby dolls and they “visit” each other! – ‘Creative Classroom Management’)

The kids have been working on a big project for awhile now and we are excited to see them coming together.  No bribing them for what they are working on! Lol!shhh clipart

So, I learned a few important things today…

  1. The kids LOVE Miss Raelynn!  She is a good friend.
  2. Using the broiler on my oven is NOT on my multitasking abilities! 🙂
  3. The kids do GREAT in a mock Fire Drill!  😥
  4. I love quiet time during the day.  It is everyone’s time to get reenergized for the remaining of the day. Sometimes, I can even get some things done.  (I have a couple of very light sleepers.)

For lunch, we had Egg bake with broccoli and cheese, mandarin oranges and garlic toast (just not as much because of broiler – oops!)



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