Bells: Dec 10, 2015

Tomorrow is Show N Tell: letter Xx and/or sight or sound from OUTSIDE Winter.

Bells are Ringing! We were very excited to investigate a couple different sized bells. We decorated a cup to make a bell. They danced and rang the bells. Lots of fun!

In Circle time we introduced the letter Xx. We drew a colorful xylophone in our journal. We also watched a few videos on YouTube that showed a xylophone being played. They were very impressed! I wish I could have taken a picture of all of their faces as the video was playing! All eyes were intensely focused on this new instrument. Even Little O zoned in! Here is two videos we watched…

Today for lunch we had pizza, carrot sticks, yogurt, and salad. Again, our lunch time conversation was very entertaining. They are too funny. Between the total randomness of preschoolers and their complete transparency, conversations are very insightful. But don’t worry your secrets are safe with me. Lol! Really, they mainly include some wild and crazy (entirely impossible) events involving animals on adventures!

The kids, mostly Z, has been asking for awhile for more Green Smoothies(GS)! So this morning we got the blender out and started mixing. I introduced GS a couple years ago. We have come a long way. The first time I gave them a GS, I learned to use a cover and straw from a non transparent cup. Now they know they are great and don’t care what they look like. They like to drink from the big straws. Today’s GS had mixed greens, frozen banana, strawberry, peaches, almond milk, little water and 1 Tbs peanut butter! Mixed to a consistency of a milk shake. Yum! But I never seem to get much for myself, by the time I get them all poured they are coming back for seconds. I’m glad they like them!

We are off to the Cities. Gma Pam is there for pick up. We’ll see you tomorrow morning.

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