Winter Birds: Friday

I will try not to push too much for our blog, but I would like to encourage you, especially parents to subscribe to it.  The Playroom Blog This is a great way to receive important information.  It goes to an email and you can read and delete!  I will always put the important info in bold at the top.  I would also encourage you to comment on the posts.  This will help me find what your interested in and it’s kind of fun to be interactive.

We celebrate another birthday today!  KZ turns the BIG 5!  She is excited to see what new things she will learn and discover this year!

KZ would like to be a dancer when she grows up.  Her favorite food is grilled cheese. Her favorite place to go is Florida and Disney World.  Ally and Ava are her favorite people.

Winter birds are the topic for today.  We played a matching game with many different types of birds.  They are getting good at the matching game.  They try to be sneaky and not tell the others were the matches so they can snag them.  🙂  We tossed around red feathers today trying to catch them.  After we played with the feathers, we used them on our project to create a red bird and glue him on a paper tree.  Then we had to tear apart a cotton ball to make SNOW of course.

As I prepared lunch today, we watched some of a video about birds migrating.  We had meatballs, sweet potatoes, buttered bread, pineapple, and milk.

This afternoon we will be creating a bird feeder/present that the kiddos can give to someone as a gift.

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