Our Playroom

Comfy with cookies: Monday

Reminder: Saturday is the Christmas Party at the Willmar Eagles Club(upstairs) 10-noon.  Then parents can join us for lunch at Noon.

Short and sweet today!  Today everyone seemed to be very tired!  Too much playing over the weekend.  🙂  So we had an easy going comfy play day.  They played nicely with each other and we went with it.  Everyone was engaged in different areas of the Playroom and when it was ready for lunchtime we had a big mess.  But lots of fun in the making of it!  We got cleaned up and they decorated some (paper) cookies on a plate to give to someone they love while I finished lunch prep.  For lunch, we had hamburgers on buns, french fries, orange slices with a glass of milk.

Also, in the mail today I received a letter saying that I was approved for the Willmar Community Park and Rec. Board position I applied for.  I’m excited to see what this new adventure brings.

Have a great day!

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