Back from IN: Wednesday 

Reminder: We are CLOSED Friday for New Years!

Today everyone had an amazing day!  We were all excited to see each other and talk about what we did over our Christmas break.  We all shared about a present they received and something that they did with their families.  We had free play for most of the morning. With Annelise’s beautiful dresses being such a HUGE hit, we brought back a few dress-up outfits for the boys to play with.  And since we like to keep things exciting around here, we decided to install a new furnace .  I am happy to report that if it weren’t for the additional adults in the house, the kiddos wouldn’t have even noticed anything different.  The guys did a great job.  Thank you to everyone who let us borrow a heater for the day!  We should be back to normal tomorrow.

We had a great time on our vacation!  We started our trip out with a bang!  Literally!  We left the drive way and hit a deer!  It ended up with only cosmetic damage and we didn’t even get any venison in the freezer!  Bummer!  No one was hurt and I didn’t even react in my normal “helpful” way! We continued our trip and traveled  home by Amtrak train!  I really think that everyone should get to experience a train ride.  It was a wonderful memory maker!

let the vacation begin!


Today, we had a special visitor for lunch today.  Officer Calvin, a cousin of Seth, came to help with the furnace install and shared some stories with the kids at lunchtime.  We had pizza, applesauce, breadsticks and milk.

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