New Years’s Eve: Thursday

Happy New Year’s!!

Today we took a look at our Circle Time calendar and discovered what New Year’s means.  We looked back at last years hand print calendar and saw how the months starts over.  It was fun to see some of them “get it!”  We made some festive hats to celebrate the New Year.

We had a review of what we had talked about in December and topics we have talked about since starting school.  The topic for today was about house guest.  The holidays brings many house guest to our lives.  Typically, either we are a house guest or we welcome someone to our house.  It is fun and creates many great memories.  Also, with the holidays and guest comes presents.  We had an enlightening discussion about receiving gifts and our attitudes towards the givers.  I love to role play as we learn together.  I showed them what it would look like as someone who demanded a present and was very unappreciative towards any gift they may receive.  We talked about how we shouldn’t ask for a gift/present because the giver was giving it out of love.  I used a example of ZC and CW exchanging gifts at daycare the other day as what it should look like.   ZC had found some gifts from his room to give to each friend.  CW’s reaction was perfect!  He gave ZC a HUG and said that it was a “dream come true! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!”  It made an impression on ZC because he had experienced how it can feel just as great to give as to get.   I also acted out what it could look like if we received a “repeat” gift and how we should handle that situation.  It was humorous but I think they got the point.  They are such great kiddos!  Got to love them!

Have a great New Years and we will see you Next Year!  May you be blessed beyond what you desire this coming year!


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