Have Passport, will travel: Tuesday

The kids had fun traveling today.  They love to pretend to go on a trip.  It is fitting since this week we are talking about preparing for a Safari Trip.  We learned about needing a passport to go to other countries.  We even played a game with our passports, paints, stamps, and a dice with the continents on it.  We rolled the dice and then found it on our passport and stamped it.  The girls were traveling by car and the boys were flying superhero.  It worked out well for all travelers.

The big boys discovered a fun activity that I believe will keep them entertained for weeks!  Z has been watching some videos on youTube about product testing videos by kids and adults.  I think they are kinda silly but he has been thoroughly entertained!  So today, they decided to make one together.  It was so much fun to watch them figure out the details and to work together to accomplish a video.  I will have to edit their  video before I will post it (too long).  But I think they have found a fun hobby.

Today, we had ham and cheese sandwiches, with oranges and carrots. Milk to drink.

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