Safari Game Reserve: Thursday/ Friday

Today we had a few adventures.  The kids were excited to have their own money to buy tickets to visit the Game Reserve!  We talked about what animals we might see on our trip, what it means to be protected.  They counted out their money and bought their $5 tickets.  The tickets gave instructions on what to do when on the reserve.  They had to stay on the path and keep track of all the animals they saw while on their visit.  There were many wild animals and this was their land so we were not to disturb them.  They also had to fill in a circle for every animal they discovered.  Then off to the reserve they went!  Oh, what fun!  They really got into it!  They all had a bag packed to carry the remaining money, the ticket and a crayon to fill in the circles.   We did, however, discover a poachers trap along the way!  Luckily, we were able to free the animals before the hunter came back!  That led to an interesting conversation!  Funny kids!

Our other adventure was at lunch time today!  We were sitting down for lunch eating hamburgers, mixed veggies, bun and then we discovered a mystery ingredient that was camouflaged as a container of yogurt!  We played 20 questions to figure it out.  They love that game, but it is very comical to hear their questions!  Obviously, some of them don’t quite get it yet!  They’ll get there.  We did finally figure out the ingredient… sweet plums.  They tasted quite yummy.  They all were troopers and at least tried them, most liked them.  Yeah, for trying something new!

I have a few videos that I would like to share… (which is the reason yesterday’s post didn’t go through!) We will try again.


 So this was done on his own!  I have to give him props on his creativity and out of the box thinking!  You’ve got to love the beard!



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