Bed Bounce!: Tuesday

Reminder: I will  be closed on Feb 1 for a Dr. appointment.

This week on our Safari adventure we are discovering all kinds of information about the animals that live there.  Yesterday, we made lion mask and learned how patient lions can be waiting to hunt their food.  We played a cute game of “Hunting  Lions.” They each drew a lion number card and had to wait patiently until their number showed up on the numbered Zebras who became their “lunch”. Kinda’ sounds scary written down.  I promise, it was in great fun and no gory details were shared.  lol  Patience was the key here… and after the fun game, they all earned a ‘Bee’ Patience award!  They put their badges that they earn in the back of their cubbies, if you want to check them out.  Today, we learned about elephants.  Did you know that they are afraid of ants?  They don’t want them to crawl up their trunk!

Lego’s were a huge hit today.  The boys played with them and tried to make some safari animals.  They turned out cute.  I’ll post pictures later.   The girls’ and I played with the Ponies.  Which I ended up mostly, not getting to play but braiding the ponies hair.

So today we had a fun adventure in our Safari play!  Our bed broke last month and our new one was delivered while they were playing.  So naturally, they wanted to explore.  So they got to not only come and see the new bed, they were invited (and wanted) to JUMP on  my new bed!  A ONE TIME OCCURRENCE!! It was frozen but still a blast to be able to do!

I have sent home our Journal (Homework) books with the big kids. This is something that you can do together to extend what we are learning about here.  On days we have a journal entry, I will put the journal prompt and the page at the TOP of the post.  Example:



JOURNAL: Shape- Oval //  Invite your child to draw a large oval on the oval Journal page.  Encourage children to draw animals or vehicles on the oval path. (This entry can be done too)

Todays journal entry…

JOURNAL: Letter- Ss // Invite your child to draw a ‘sun’ on the top of the page.  If desired, draw more animals that enjoy the warm African sun.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Ms. Sally

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