Rhino’s to the Watering hole!: Wednesday

Reminder: I will  be closed on Feb 1 for a Dr. appointment.

If you think about it…   wear stripes tomorrow! Zebra’s are the topic.

Today in circle time, we became Rhinos!  We grew a horn and charged to the watering hole to get a drink!  In our curriculum for today, we had safari vocab cards.  They are so much fun to play with; there are so many different things you can do with them.  We added the box of safari animals and pretended we were in Africa on a Safari.  Each animal was put under the tree as we sorted out the non-safari animals.  Another thing we reviewed at circle time was the months of the year.  From our MotherGooseTime curriculum, there is a monthly title that we put above our calendar.  today, we touched each month as they sang our song about the months.  You should have them sing it to you.  They are amazing! 

Wednesday is Ms. KS’s (big) day to be the helper for the day.  She LOVES to be my helper! It is amazing how much simple jobs mean to them at this age.  It is a BIG deal to be able to help set the table, get the milks out, or pass plates/napkins out.  AND it is a huge help to me!  I love that they want to help and are learning self-help skills too.  Awhile back we worked on proper way to set the table.  I had traced all of the items on a big sheet of paper and then each day they could use the placemats to help them learn where everything goes.  We call it the ‘fancy table’.  Actually, today for lunch we had tomato soup, applesauce and grilled cheese, so I was their waitress and I picked up all of their dishes from the table(MESSY!).  This according to them was “fancy” because they didn’t have to take care of their stuff.  They liked that!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Ms. Sally

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