Reminder: I will  be closed on Feb 1 for a Dr. appointment.

JOURNAL: Color- yellow //  Invite your child to cut brown rectangles and tear yellow paper into strips to design a hut collage on the Journal page. “I see a yellow __________.”

We continue on our Safari adventures.  This week we are exploring life in the Grasslands with the Maasai Tribe.  The Maasai is a tribe in Africa who traditionally wears red fabric and beads.  So yesterday, we made a bracelet like our Maasai friends.  I encouraged them to count out the same number of bead as how old they are.  Then they could keep adding beads to fill the bracelet.  They love this and it is a fun activity plus they gain so many skills from it. i.e. fine motor, eye hand coordination, patterns, counting, persistence etc.

We brought out a messy table activity that is also a huge hit with everyone.  We added the Safari animals to the bean box.  I love this ‘messy’ activity because it is fairly easy to pick up.  Everyone helps and tries to keep them in the box.  There is something about running your hand in a container of beans or rice that calms a person.

Today we had a fun adventure in our Safari play!  We found out how the Maasai tribe lived.  They live in huts, not houses or apartments, or even hotels.  🙂 Z had received a cool building kit from his cousins. We used it to build a hut that we could drape a blanket over and play house in.  So naturally, they wanted to explore all at the same time.  But a small hut will only hold so many people before you begin to see the results.  So… we get to build again.  As we were taking turns in the built hut we made our own out of paper cups and sand.  Then they were able to create a picture of themselves and add to the Maasai tribe people to the hut.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Ms. Sally

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