The Elephants are back!: Wed

Today we were going to talk about Migration of animals but they decided that we needed to talk about elephants again! So guess what?… We did! The elephants were on the loose. We played an elephant matching game which was for matching colors but after a couple games of color matching, one pointed out that the elephants had different eyes. So some of them decided to match the eyes instead of colors. We had to vote so that everyone played the same way… and the eyes won! It was an interesting game. But it led to higher level thinking! Some decided that was not the game for them and moved on to other activities.

We introduced a new letter today: letter Zz. We struggled a little coming up with words that started with the letter Z a tricky letter. I went back to our whiteboard idea for introducing letters and helps them to see the words as we write them down. We can also add more words as we run across them throughout the week.

Today, while I was gettingĀ the ‘littles’ were settled in their beds, the big kids, worked with their boards and “special markers” – aka. dry erase markers. We usually use these boards once or twice a week to work on letters or practicing writing their names. We used them today to draw their favorite safari animal. Super cute!


Thanks for reading and have an Awesome Day!

Ms. Sally

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