Talented Musicians!: Monday

Reminder: I will  be closed on Feb 1 for an appointment and closed feb 15 for president’s day.

Well the neighbors should have heard us if they were at home!  We were having some fun with our African Shakers and drums today!  We listened to some tribal music and then we played along after we created our own shakers!  Even the babies got into dancing!  The moment I turn on the music all bodies begin to dance.  That is one of the great things about little ones is the freedom to be FREE.  They really have nothing holding them back; they move to the music as it makes them feel.  We have been listening to several kinds of music.  It is interesting how some of them will make comments on how this music makes them feel… “I’m not sure what is going to happen!”, “Oh, this is kinda scary!”, “It’s ballet dancing music!” or ZC’s favorite, “This makes me a sneaking ninja.”  All the music we played was instrumental and no introductions.  It was really fun to hear the “stories” they came up with as they listened to the music.


On a side note, I have had a request for another “Parents Date Night“.  So I am checking to see if Feb 12 would work for a Parents Date Night? The last time we went out together we went to the restaurant in Spicer. We are looking for suggestions.  One idea is Hog in the Road? Let me know.  It would be fun to get together again.

For lunch we had a favorite, chili and pb biscuits with apple slices and milk.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Ms. Sally

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