Reviewing Our Safari Journey:Thursday

Reminder: Monday Feb 1st and Feb 15 I will be closed.

Today we reviewed all that we have discovered on our African Safari!  I have learned many things as well from our adventures to Africa.  We looked back over the daily posters from MotherGooseTime curriculum to see what questions we have answered.  I asked each child to name something that they learned and to name their favorite animal.  It was fascinating what they remembered and could recall.  Some of the highlights were…

KS “I love Giraffes!  They eat leaves from trees and they have really long necks.”

ZC “Cheetah is my favorite because they are the fastest animal in the world, but only for short distances!”

CW “I like the Rhino, because they have horns that move things.”

AM “My favorite is the Zebra, because he eats grass and has stripes.”

KZ – Listed several animals but the Zebra she liked the best.

Yesterday, it was beautiful outside!  We were able to go out and enjoy some fresh air.  But of course they had to come in and enjoy some hot chocolate or as they call it… “coffee”.  Silly kids!

For tomorrow, Mr. Seth found an AWESOME movie on African Cats that we will watch as we end our Safari Adventure.  We will also replay lots of the games from this month and finish any projects that we didn’t get to during the month.  SAFARI PARTY DAY!  If they would like to wear camo or a shirt with a safari animal it would be fun.  Not Mandatory.

I also would like to put a HONEY plug out there.  I have RAW HONEY for sale from our amazing hard working bees.  We have several sizes of jars available.  Pints are $8.  Let me know if you are interested in local honey! It is super yummy!


Ms. Sally


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