Food and Fitness- Grains: Monday

Welcome back to a mini blizzard!

I am so excited for February’s topics.  We try to be healthy and to instill good habits in our children and what better way then to introduce good eating and exercise habits while they are young.  So in February we are going to be learning about Food and Fitness.  We will be talking this week about the different food groups.  Depending on interest levels for next week, we might take two weeks on learning about being in the kitchen!  There is so much we could add to cover all the information we just might have to break it into a couple of days for each topic!  Then the after the kitchen topics, we will learn what it means to have good health.  And the last topics of fitness might take us into the first week of March.

Today we talked about what it means to be healthy and ways we are can take care of our bodies.  They all said you need to eat healthy so… “Good job, Parents!” They all KNOW that they are supposed to eat healthy. Whether they make good choices when it comes down to it, well, we have to start somewhere!  Actually, they love veggies and fruit!  I can’t complain about them eating.  I mean, they LOVE Green smoothies!

Our first food group is the grains.  We looked at flour and how it is made.  Then we talked about what we use flour for, i.e. baking cookies, dough, cakes, etc.  A couple of them said they love to bake with grandma!  There are so many skills that they are learning while helping in the kitchen. One said that I can cook in the kitchen all by myself! I explained that we would learn about being safe in the kitchen later: Children need to be assisted while in the kitchen until they are older!  So hopefully, we won’t have any solo chef’s! Or else they may become excellent cooks and cleaners!  lol  Everyone got to help make their own pizza today for lunch!

We are hoping to have a valentines day party this month.  I will post details later about this.

Thanks for sharing your children with me!  Happy Tuesday.

Ms. Sally


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