Veggie Power!: Wednesday

We had so much fun with vegetables today!  We washed and scrubbed (real ones), planted, cooked, and ate them!  We read a book about vegetables in a garden and how each different veggie grows. Some grow up, down, and ‘around and around’.  We moved our “messy table” INSIDE the play yard!  The big kids got to go in and play with the beans and veggetables. They enjoyed that! This kept the little ones who like to eat the little pieces at a safe distance and it was so much easier to clean it up!  We will definitely be doing that again!

For lunch, we had a vegetarians feast!  We had salad (which I can’t count the number of times I heard “I LOVE salad!”) cucumbers and carrots (which we washed in the morning), tortilla (some made wraps), and yogurt for the protein.  We also had green smoothies for snack this afternoon. Even the babies are ‘signing’ for MORE!!  We definitely got our Preschool requirement of 3-4 servings of veggies in today!

For science, we started the process of sprouting beans in a baggie with a wet cotton ball. We hung it in our sunny bay window.  We will keep an eye on it for any changes.

We broke out the keyboard this morning. There is a lot of developing talent in the group! It was a hit with everyone even the babies!

Oh, a reminder about the Parent’s Date Night.  Last week, I called about the Hog in the Road and they do not have room to accommodate a group of our size that night.  So we will need to decide if we would like to change the date to the 26h and stick with Hog In the Road, or find a new place for the 12th.  What are your thoughts.  And just to clarify… our Parent’s Date Night is different than our Parent’s Night Out. (Where you bring your adorable little ones in the evening. 😉 You and your honey have a kid free couple of hours and WE have a blast with Pajama pizza party and movie. – which we should do again soon.) But this is where we all get to go out to eat together as a group and meet other parents in the group. Let me know what you think.

Have a great evening! Thanks for reading.

Ms Sally


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