Fancy Fruits: Thursday

Reminder: I am CLOSED on Monday Feb 15th for Presidents Day.

We have some brave tasters! In circle time we were able to try some very unique fruits!  Some of them I had never heard of or tasted either.  We were surprised to see what was inside!  Before we opened the fruit, everyone got to inspect and describe a different fruit and then we added their discoveries to the board.  Together we made a list of things that all of our fruit had.  Then after we opened them and tasted them they were able to add more info about what they learned from their fruit.  Some of the fruit we tried today was: Starfruit, Pamelo, Passion Fruit, Cuke-asaurous (Horned Fruit), cantaloup, pear, banana, orange, grapes, apple.  At our story time we read a book from our Food Program, ProvidersChoice called Good Nutrition RoundUp. What an exciting adventure.

Thanks for Reading.

Ms. Sally

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