Mixing and pouring up a Big MESS!

Reminder: JKD will be CLOSED on Monday for Presidents Day.

Update for Parent’s Date Night: I think I have talked to everyone about changing the date for Feb 27th.  I have called Hog n the Road and I’m waiting to hear back from them about what time.

Valentines Update: We need to change our Party: to Tuesday at Circle Time!  This gives us the weekend.  Minimal candy Please!  I will also give a list of names of all of our friends.

Today everyone had their own lemonade stand! We could buy a pitcher of water and then sell cups of “lemonade” (water) to our friends for a $1.  If we were thirsty we could go and buy a cup from a friend. When we were not at our stand or we ran out of Lemonade, we ‘closed’ our stand until we came back.  Have I mentioned how much I love this curriculum? I love combining my ideas with the wonderful printed materials from MotherGooseTime!  The only flaw with the daily packets is that there is so much to do we can’t fit everything in one day!  = Rainy day projects in the summer!!

ZC is really into Science these days!  I found some really cute images on: TeachersPayTeachers.com I printed them out on photo paper ‘What do Scientists do?’ We looked at these pictures and then practiced the scientific method with pitchers of water and toys in a bucket.  It was challenging to be intentional about the scientific method!  Usually we just jump in there!  But we thought it out and worked with each step that a scientist does.  We explored what happens when we poured water on top of our lego creations inside a bucket.  We decided that our favorite part of being a scientist was the TESTING it out part!  AND… they really don’t know that as I am introducing and talking about our projects they are really already doing these steps!  Just not so formal!  I so love the HIDDEN learning we do here as we PLAY!

  1. They ask a QUESTION.
  2. They form a HYPOTHESIS.
  3. They TEST their hypothesis.
  4. They record their OBSERVATIONS.
  5. They come to a CONCLUSION.

These last few pictures are from yesterday.  The babies had other plans for me rather than a blog post.  Some days are like that…!  In my efforts for a 2016 purge of 2000 items (which I completed this weekend!) I came across my veil from my wedding!  The girls are having a blast with it!  So if everyone is a little “wedding happy” at home, this is why!  They all want to marry each other.  So that they can wear the veil.

We also talked about the importance of washing our hands and other things in the kitchen we should to wash.  ie. sinks, tables, fruit, veggies, dishes, and someone must have seen a baby washed in a sink because baby made the list!  Too funny! We also played a game of “Hot Soup!” We had to use the pot holders and carry the soup from the stove to the table and spoon out the veggies into bowls that had the matching veggie.  The girls were WAY more into this game then the boys!  They would rather go play legos.  lol  The last picture is KZ taking a turn squirting the ‘germ-letters’ with cleaning spray (water).

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Ms. Sally

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