Baking a Pizza: Friday

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Remember we will be celebrating Valentines day on TUESDAY. We have reservations at Hog N the Road on Feb. 27 at 7:30 for Parents Date Night! It will be a fun night!  Have a great Weekend and see you on Tuesday!

We will do a summary of our event for the last part of the week.

Wednesday we “Chopped and Stirred”.  Shaving cream alone is great fun on a table but we added paint and ‘wow’ factor went way up! They started out with two piles of cream and then we added red and mixed that up.  The second pile of cream we added blue and mixed that up.  Some of us knew exactly what color was going to be made when we mixed the two piles. We smoothed out the cream and began to practice writing our names or letters.     At circle time, we rolled a can back and forth as we said a rhyming word that rhymed with can.  Then we read a story about Dan Ran.  ZC is learning to read in his Kindergarten work so he was super excited to help me “teach” the younger ones some of the words.  We all had fun as we learned a few new words.   In the after noon, we chopped and sliced play dough to match a picture of veggies cut in a bowl.

Thursday we “Cooked” up a great meal.  We were in the kitchen area all day!  We did a summary of all the play food.  We decided what food group it was in and then we decided if we wanted it in our soup or not.  Very interesting combinations!  I am a very adventurous eater, but I’m not sure I would have tried that one. lol

Today we Baked a Pizza! Did someone order a PIZZA?! We took orders on the phone and then they got to work!  They put the sauce on the crust, then they added the topping that they wanted on their pizza.  We baked it in the oven till it was perfectly posted and cheese was nicely melted (pretending).  Then when the pizzas were done, they put them in the pizza box and out for delivery it went! Many pizzas were delivered today!  So it was fitting for us to have a pizza delivered!  Mr. Seth the Delivery man! He even brought us Heart-shaped pizzas for V-Day!  Mr. Seth also had a couple of other things delivered today!  One is note worthy!  He spoils us!


  • COVER PAGE: Draw a picture of your self eating your favorite food.
  • HEART SHAPE: draw a cow and a heart for the cow. “I love cows because ______”
  • # 11: cut and glue 11 pieces of yarn onto the page.  Draw a fish at the end of each piece of yarn (fishing line).  “I caught 11 _______.”
  • Ll: Draw a lemon and rub lemon peel on the page to create a center drawing.  Write, L is for Lemon.  “Lemons are _______.”
  • Red: Cut out the shape of an apple from red paper.  Cut it into pieces and glue the pretend chopped apples chunks on the page.  “I give the red apple to _______.”
  • #12: Draw a large circle on the page.  Draw 12 of your favorite foods on the plate. “My plate has 12 ________.”
  • Jj: (next week) Draw a picture of yourself jumping over something big.  Write, J is for jump. “I can jump over a ________.”
  • Gg: (next week) Cut a strip of paper and fold it back and forth like a fan.  Draw your face and glue it to the end of the folded paper.  Glue the other end to the journal page.  Write, G is for grow!  “I want to be as tall as _______.”



Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Sally

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