Happy Heart Day!:Tuesday

ZC and I enjoyed our day off yesterday!  We always love the treat of having a ‘Mom Day’! We adventured off to St. Cloud for an afternoon at the trampoline place, called Airmaaxx. If you haven’t tried that place I would recommend it. Lots of fun and it burns lots of energy off!

Today, we had such a great time at our Heart Day Party! Busy Busy!

After we cleaned up from our free play this morning, we just couldn’t stand it any more! We HAD to pass out our valentines cards!  Thank you for bringing in something for each kiddos! I love the variety and cuteness factor.   As they arrived this morning I had everyone decorate a brown paper bag that had their name on it.  We used those bags to put our treats in!  Everyone chose a spot on the floor and took their decorated bags with them. Then one by one I helped each child deliver their gift for each friend.  I encouraged them to look at the names for the bags when passing out the treats. I helped them find their school age friends either by name.  The littles’ also enjoyed passing out their treats! In between each person, Little OH would sign “more” because he wanted to pass more out to his friends!  Too cute! After each person was finished I made sure that I asked everyone “what do you tell your friend?”  Some responded after each person handed them a gift but we made sure to do it again.  It is a simple gesture that makes the giver beam.  🙂

The kids loved making “Love Bug” hats!  They each got to decorate them and wear them for the festivities!  I didn’t take many pictures today we were too busy having fun! We talked about our real hearts and to make them healthy we need to do exercises to keep them pumping!  We played a game where we took turns tossing a piece of waded paper onto a chart to see what exercise we would do.  If the paper landed on a couple of squares we did more than one exercise!

This afternoon we will be icing cupcakes and adding a few treats to the top!  Of course they are heart shaped!  I also wanted to let you know that today at pick up time, I have some yummy treats for you parents!  They are brownies with a surprise!


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