On your mark… Get set… Go!: Wednesday

After our V-day Party yesterday, it only seems fitting that we move on in our “Food and Fitness” journey with Run and Race!  We loved the running around today!  At Circle time, our question of the day was, “What parts of the body do you use when you run?”  Most quickly said our feet!  I had them run in place to see if that was all we used.  The lightbulbs came on!  We discovered we use our knees, legs, tummy, hips, etc.  After we ran for a minute, I had them feel their heart!  Heart was added to the list.  Next, we had a relay race with the veggie pieces and spoons.  There were two per team and a starting line.  Taking turns, they had to carry a veggie on the spoon to a place that was across the room.  After the timer went off we counted how many were on the plates.  After the relay, we decided to take off our socks so we would have better grip on the floor and then we could be “really” fast!  Once the tape arrows were marked on the floor to show the direction we would be going, we walked the course.  Everyone knew where we were going to go. All racers had to have a foot on the starting line before we could begin.  “On your mark… Get set… Go!”  We started our race then when the music stopped we ran to the finish line.  I made sure to remind the big kids to watch out for the walking babies who “doesn’t know what an arrow tells us!” We should think of the littles as a turtle in your running path- you should run around it. Everyone had fun running around.  After each race we took a victory lap!  We made gold medals after we were tired of running.  We talked briefly about being a good sport.  How it makes us feel when we win, or lose.  What should we do when we win? Lose? They got to wear their ribbons and say “Good Job,” to each other as we picked up or went about our day.  Whether we win or lose, we can tell others they did a good job.

When we were not racing, there were lots of kitchen play today!  I love hearing the new vocab words we have learned being used! It’s the little moments like that these that makes my day!

Thanks for reading!

Ms. Sally

Starting Line

Starting Line


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