Stretch up tall!: Wednesday

Reminder Saturday we have Parent’s Date Night!  Reservations are at 7:30pm at Hog in the Road.  <CLICK HERE FOR Directions

We are feeling much better from being double hit with the Flu and Strep Throat!  Yikes!  I thought I was down for the count!  lol  Thank you everyone for being flexible with me having to close!  I know it is not easy when it is last minute like that!  Let me tell you I had a very hard time telling you because of that!

Today, I was anticipating an easy going day, but the littles had another plan!  So we just jumped in with them.  We continued our adventure on Food and Fitness.  We explored things that stretched. i.e. clothes, rubber bands, elastic, legs, arms, etc.  Everyone was given a piece of elastic to explore.  They quickly discovered what happens when we pull it and then let go!  So we talked about when we pull it all the way out past its comfort spot, the elastic snaps back to be comfortable.  We held onto both ends and pulled it to its max then we slowly moved our hands together to feel the comfort spot.  After exploring the elastic piece, I brought out the “Kindergarten – GeoBoards”  We talked about the rules for GeoBands(rubber bands) and if we pull them to where they are not comfortable they will really hurt us!  I had our Kindergartener, ZC explain how to use the boards!  Great Job! He explained how we hold one finger onto the peg after putting the band on. Then we pull with the other hand to where you would like the band to stop at!  Once they got the hang of making shapes with one band, we added several others.  It was fun to see what they could create.  I had some sample pictures they could try to copy if they wanted.  Most of them copied at least of the pictures!  This was an AWESOME activity!  Big kids for sure!

We played a spin and stretch game from MGT curriculum.  Everyone took a turn spinning the spinner and then we all did the exercise!  Little Mr. OH and DW had great fun copying the big kids on this one!  They were stretching those muscles like the rest of us!

After we were all stretched out then the only thing left is to… HAVE A DANCE PARTY!!

We danced till lunch!  Which, by the way appears that after a week off from the kitchen Ms. Sally has forgotten her routine!  But it was still yummy and we ate till we were full; it was just a little later than we usually have it!  lol

Oh, we are also earning a “Bee – Kind” Badge today!  We are on the look out for kind actions.  Bee careful they may report you!  lol sorry couldn’t help it!

Thanks again for reading! Have a marvelous day!

Ms. Sally


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