Wrapping Up/Cleaning Day!:Friday

I am excited that it looks like all of the daycare parents are going to be able to make it to our Parent’s Date Night!  I have reservations for 7:30pm tomorrow evening!  It will be a great night!

Next week we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday on WED. March 2! Wear CRAZY COLORS/PATTERNS! (i.e. mismatching socks or stripes and polkadots)

We have had a very interesting week!  Little bit’s of yuckiness is lingering, tis the season!  But hopefully if we keep on top of it we can keep it from being “shared”.  Thank you for everyone for being watchful for others when your little people are showing signs of sickness.  I posted a laminated sign that I received from a fellow provider as a great reminder when to keep your little people home.  It is cute, you should check it out.

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, MR. DW! He is a man of few words, but he is so compassionate! And he loves to help me and is always willing to go and “grab” something for me.  DW LOVES the babies!  What a sweetie! It is fun to see his attention span and interest grow to mimic the big kids.  He is a great little guy! Happy Birthday little man!


Happy Birthday, Mr. DW

As far as our day went today, we randomly had no babies.  It was a very different type of day!  I LOVE my babies, but with babies comes a little extra work – that is a given!  So since we didn’t have to worry so much about being quiet and “choking-hazards,” (Which I should blog about, CUTE story!) I decided after Circle Time, we were going to have a Friday Clean Day!  For Circle Time, we wrapped up our Food and Fitness month.  It is so fun to hear what they can recall and remember about our topics.  It was fun to think back and pull out the best parts!  We did a shortened version of centers. We brought out the GeoBoards, veggie pieces and the alphabet banners/cards. Some of the bigger kids loved to help the littler ones to use the GeoBoard. The Girls have created a game with the Alph banners and cards.  They know the letters (for the most part) so I like to let them have the freedom to make up their own version of a game together.  After everyone was finished with the areas, we began to clean up and come to our closing circle. I explained how I was going to be going out on a “Date” with all of their parents, I would like to have our playroom cleaned today so I didn’t have to do it this weekend! They were excited that the parents were going to get together.  I asked for volunteers who would like to help with the dusting and wiping off counters.  The girls jumped at that!  (By the way, they are good!) The big boys were my movers and muscles!  I swept the floor and they would move things out of the way and back again!  They somehow seemed to get a little distracted with the Legos when I had them deliver toys to the wash bucket in the bathroom!  Those Legos… they distract me all the time too!  lol   Everyone did a great job, even the Littles’ kept finding toys that needed to be washed!  We all worked really hard for about 25 minutes and then were able to watch a few minutes of our newly found video, Yo, Gabba Gabba.  Click here to watch.  Don’t judge me on that show!  It seems silly, but so is the life of a Preschool teacher!  But after watching the show when ZC was little, I discovered they have a very catchy way of teaching important topics.  As well as encourages imagination play, demonstrates conflict resolution, healthy eating habits, etc! We don’t watch them often but as a treat!

Lunch was a yummy one today!  We had grilled salmon with a drizzle of lemon juice with steamed broccoli, a half of a purple plum and a piece of buttered bread. And of course a cup of milk to go with it.  Sounds yummy doesn’t it?  They ate till it was gone! I really didn’t get to try it!  I wasn’t sure how the salmon would go but after answering a the “is it a fish stick?” questions, I think it was a hit!  My reply was “Yes, it is a fish stick it just doesn’t have the breading on it!” It must have passed for an ok answer.  lol

Thank you again for allowing me to “play all day” with your children!  I love spending time with them.

Happy Friday! We will see you tomorrow night.  (Carpooling might be recommended since it is a smaller place and parking may be limited.) We have room with us if any one would like to join us.

Ms. Sally

Food and Fitness: Feb



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