Hot in the Desert: Tuesday

  • Reminder we will be closed on Good Friday March 25.

  • I am looking for 66 cereal boxes for a project in two weeks.  If you have any or could save any we could have that would be appreciated.  Thanks!

  • Please bring in a lightweight jacket and rain boots to keep here.

What a beautiful day!  I love this time of year with the weather transitioning to warmer, the plants are preparing for summer and so are we! We love outside time!    Today we pretended we were in the hot desert! It was SO HOT we needed to get out canteens filled up several times to just walk around the room. 🙂  We played a board game: Race to the Oasis!  We each picked a person and then found the starting spot on the matching colored path.  We rolled a dice with 1, 2, or 3 on it to see how many steps we could take before we needed to grab or give a canteen piece from the stack.  We did this till everyone reached the Oasis at the end.  After our game, we read a book called, “Who Am I?”  The book gave clues from animals in the desert and we had to guess who they were.  Some of them we guessed right but others we had no clue!  We will learn about many of the animals as we study deserts this month!  I set out the supplies for our paper plate canteen.  They had fun decorating them and pretending with them.  I saw one of the little ones “pouring” some juice from the rinsed out juice bottle from the recycling bin then take a drink!

Once the weather is consistent enough to depend on, we will be going to the park again everyday!  We will continue to do our school, but our goal will be to have everything cleaned up (this includes breakfast/snack time) and  start Circle Time promptly around 9:00 or soon after.  This is so we can be ready to go to the park at 9:45! We absolutely love our Park Play!  There is so much learning that takes place outside at the park!  I am glad that the parks around our community are getting a makeover, exciting times in the future.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day!

Ms. Sally


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