St. Patricks Day!

CLOSED: March 25 for Good Friday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We have had so much fun today with our sneaky leprechaun! And ZC saved the day with a few extra green shirts on loan so no one got pinched!  lol   At circle time we had a scavenger hunt for things that he left behind!  I think it is fun to see their imaginations go when presented with an idea that may go against what they think. I ask them what they knew about St. Patrick’s day and listened to what they had to say. We talked about rainbows with a pot of gold at the end. Someone also mentioned about the leprechaun who lives at the end of the rainbow and if you catch him you get all his money!   There were many questions about if the Leprechaun: is he real, if he was fast, if he was little, can we catch him, is he here, etc.     So when they were asking their questions to each other, they would talk it out amongst themselves and come up with an answer.  I let them talk and think for awhile about the mystery events that were happening around the house. smoothies, rainbow pancakes*, the fact that it was SNOWING, hidden items around the room etc.  We all though that it was all fun and games until the GREEN TOILET water!  Some of them thought it was the funniest thing, but one acted apprehensive.  So I made sure that I came clear that it was me just having fun and we can just flush it and be all good.  That was a relief.  But she made sure to announce that it was just Sally being silly!  We also watched a Veggie Tale clip that tells about the real St. Patrick and how the holiday got started.  It is very different from the stories portrayed now.

I had planned on having the kiddos help me making rainbow pancakes using a Pinterest post I found. But our naughty Leprechaun played a little havoc at lunch time today! (aka. I should have skipped the “kids helping” part and premade/froze them last night and put them in the toaster today!)  But it was lesson for all of us.  Sometimes things don’t go as we want so we have to try something else!  But things were not going as planned and it ended up being a big runny colorful mess! So in the trash went the beautiful pancake batter and out came “Plan B”!  As they were enjoying plan B, I was able to make some more batter to enjoy!  It just didn’t happen to be colorful!  But it was yummy!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!

Ms. Sallyimages

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