Spring Break/Easter

CLOSED: Friday, March 25 for Good Friday

I am still looking for about 33 cereal boxes for a project.  Let me know if you have any

This week we had an impromptu visit from my family!  So we took a Spring Break from our school routine for the most part.  But we were able to get out and enjoy some much needed park time! We celebrated a birthday! Miss Little KS turned ONE! The big kids had fun one day pretending to be magician who had two assistants!  It was adorable to see them pretend to have a magic show.  And today we had some exciting Easter events. We got to watch a movie on the BIG screen and then came back to hunt for eggs in the playroom!

The kids have enjoyed having “Aunt Sandy”, and “Mama Brown” helping this week!  Sandy is a HUGE help in the kitchen! I LOVE it when lunch is taken care of, it is more time for ‘play’!  Annelise has been a hit too!  ZC misses her like crazy!  I’m still pulling for her to come and “play” with us this summer!!  We’ll see…!

We celebrate my favorite holiday this weekend. Not for how it starts but how it ends!  What Jesus did on the cross means so much to me and my life. It is this selfless act on this cross that we have God’s Grace. I am learning so much about Grace in my Bible study at church!  Kay Arthur says, if you understand grace, you know that grace covers all of your inadequacies, all of your failure, all  of your human frailties… and all of your sin. This is not a free pass to be abused but a gift that God gives freely. This was just something on my heart and I thought someone might need to hear.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!  We will see you on Monday!  Happy Easter.

Ms. Sally


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