Weekly Bee Review :-)


We are still here!  lol Since we added our new app for sign-in and out, I have been conflicted on where to share our daily news from the Playroom. The BrightWheel App is AMAZING! I am able to do away with so much paperwork!  Parents are loving it and so am I!  The only down side to it would be… I haven’t found a way to connect this blog to it so that I am not sharing information twice.  I have had so much great feed back from my website and the post being connected to Facebook.  Many of you are grandparents or family members who are away from the little ones and love my post as a way to connect!  THAT CONNECTION IS THE DRIVING FORCE OF MY SITE!  So… I’m not giving up quite yet.  Until we get it figured out, we will be giving at least a weekly update for the blog.

REMINDER: I will be CLOSED on Friday April 15, for a personal day.

I also wanted to invite you to an event on that Friday evening at 6pm.  Katy Smith will be speaking to parents and providers in the area.  She was the 2011 MN Teacher of the year.  I have heard that she is amazing and super funny!  The event is free and I welcome you to join us at Redeemer Lutheran Church.

I may have a passion about our topic this month!  BEES and Butterflies!  We have been keeping bees for the last 4-5 years and we love them!  They are amazing creatures that God has given us.  If you are remotely interested in the process of bees or beekeeping let me know and I would LOVE to share with you.  We are adding 6 hives to our small little apiary around here.  This bumps us to a total of 8-9 hives!  We just got our bees back from their Winter trip pollinating the Almond trees in California!  They are strong and active.  We are hoping to be able to split one of them and create another hive.

Lots of fun this week.  Buzzing around the Playroom.  Next week we will be adding a beekeeping outfit to the Dress up area!

Thanks for reading… Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Sally



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