Feels like summer!

Mothers Day Muffins with Mom May 9th at drop off.

We have had a busy week of enjoying what feels like the beginning of summer!  We are loving it!  We have began our adventures to the park. We have moved our classroom to the outside!  We have continued our bees and butterflies talk. We have searched under what feels like  every leaf and blade of grass looking for a caterpillar to catch and observe!  The mailman must have got wind 😜 because he delivered a box with 5 of the tiniest caterpillars we have seen. We added them to out science wall.  They came with food, observing cup and then instructions on how to transfer them to the butterfly net after they form a crysilis. We are supper excited! And they have grown so much already!  It will be fun to see them throughout the changes.

I also want to thank you for the gifts for ‘Other Mother’s Day’ and Provider Appreciation Day!  I get attached to the little ones in my care I appreciate you all for entrusting them in my care. I feel honored and blessed to be able to share in their caterpillar experiences!  As ZC says, ‘We love our daycare brother’s and sister’s.’

Speaking of Mother’s Day, we will be having our Muffins with Mom on the Monday after Mother’s Day.   Please come and share a muffin with your child and have them tell you a story about moms. And if you have a minute to spare we will have a couple centers to play together with your child. Then as you leave your child has helped make you a gift!

Today we ended the week with a picnic lunch. It was a little warm after walking home from the park so we decided to have our picnic inside. (with the promise we WILL have one outside SOON!)

Six years ago on Mother’s Day, we brought the best present home that a mom could ever desire.  ZC is a true gift from God! His birthday is tomorrow so we are celebrating this afternoon!  I love the quirky little things he does that in his mind makes PERFECT sense.  But it is his creativity and out of the box thinking that makes him unique! His compassionate side and his love for God is simply amazing to observe. I love to encourage and watch him develop into what God desires for his life!  God has a big plans for this little thinker and I am blessed to be able to be his Mom!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Ms. Sally


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