Mother’s Day 

Thank you to all the mom’s who joined us this morning. What a fun way to start our day.

Today we had fun celebrating our moms!  We had two centers for the kiddos to play with mom.  One was to help make a bracelet for mom.  They had to choose a heart and put that many beads on a pipe cleaner.  The other center that we had was to help make muffins with the pom poms and cupcake wrappers.  We worked last week on creating a butterfly flower pot.  They all traced the letters Thanks for helping me GROW! Love, (initials) Then they were able to cut out the  flowers.  While our Mom’s were here we read a story to them, “If you give a Mom a Muffin.”  Everyone had a couple of pieces to add during the story.

I didn’t get to take many pictures while we were in action.  But I managed to catch a few before everyone left.

We also were surprised at how much our butterflies have grown over the weekend.

Thanks for reading!

Ms. Sally


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