Graduation Day! pt. 1


  • CLOSED Monday May 30 for Memorial Day! (not like the calendars say! 😦 oops!)

  • CLOSED Friday June 3 for a personal day.

  • We received the date for our appointment for ‘Operation Baby Calvin#2!’: Wed, July 20. We will be CLOSED! We will be OPEN Thursday but we will be calling for an easy going day!

The science aspect of this journey is unbelievable!  It is simply amazing what the Dr’s can do!  I stand in AWE of God as we move forward in this journey.  The same God who created the world in seven days by mere words, can and does create everything that lives on this earth!  I have wrestled with so many emotions as we decided to proceed with FET this second time!  It was out of selfish desire, that we made the choice to try IVF, 7 yrs ago.  I wanted so much to become a mother and I didn’t care what it took or how much it cost!  My unfulfilled desire to experience Motherhood was almost unbearable!  I began to look at myself as a failure!  I married the man of my dreams! And in my eyes, I thought that the next step to have a successful marriage was to have babies!  I knew that I was blessed with a God-given gift and passion for the little people and I honestly thought it was cruel to be given a gift and not be able to share it personally!  My dream was to be married and to have 6 kids (blonde hair and blue eyes, of course) by the time I was 30!  I was pregnant with Mr. ZC on my 30th!  But as I sat sulking and whining in my failures, God says “Open your eyes!”   I did and I saw what all I didn’t have!  So he says “Look deeper!” And as I began to examine my life and discover what He truly blessed me and Seth with was simply amazing!  I was so focused on what was missing that I almost missed what was in front of me.  At that time, I had in my care, 6 beautiful daycare babies!  At that moment, I began to understand that God’s plan is so much bigger than mine. AND that because He is a God that loves and cares for the desires of our heart, he placed each of those specific children in my life.  I learned so much from that experience!  I was encouraged in my gifts I already accepted, but I discovered that it went much deeper.  That my daycare business is so much more than a way to stay home and raise my own children.  Each family that brings a little one through my doors becomes part of our Joyful Kidz family.  So thank you for allowing me to snuggle with your babies!  So that is probably more than you wanted to hear or know about me and I will try and keep my “sappy-ness” to a minimum!

Today, one of our friends graduated from Pre-K! CW graduated from his Pre-K class at CCS!  Congratulations!  Mr. CW came with his big sister when he was a little guy!  I randomly met him and his momma in town and with my baby magnet personality, I introduced myself. (I was drawn to his full head of hair!)  Then a couple of weeks later they showed up at my door looking for child care! It was meant to be!  lol  He is such a sweet heart! Always ready to help out or at least follow directions!  He is super quick at “school work”  which will help you big time in the future!  He has a super compassionate outlook, is polite,  and can be quite quirky and random but that is what makes him who he is!  We love our CW.  Good luck in your new adventures after your last summer with us.

It also seems fitting that we will say good bye to our beautiful Butterflies today!  This morning the last one emerged from his chrysalis!  It has been a fun to watch as they go through each stage.

Monday, we were able to explore the new park at the end of the street!  Willmar has 6 parks that will be getting new equipment.  The park at the end of the street is one of the fist three updated parks.  The kids like to name each of the parks by colors, so Minnegasco is now the “yellow park”.

We have had some crazy weather this week.  One minute it is sunny and hot then within next 5 min it will be hailing and then down pouring.  We were outside playing and they came running saying “it is raining!!” My reply was, “you have two choices… get wet or come in!” They opted to staying out in the rain!  I LOVE that kind of rain!  They were a little skittish at first but they quickly got over it!  Wow, was that fun!

One more highlight from our week the invite to look inside of our neighbor’s police car!  He was home as we were walking by and offered to show us inside!  We jumped at the opportunity!

Thank you for reading!

Ms. Sally




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