Graduation pt. 2


CLOSED: Tomorrow: Personal Day

We again, have a bittersweet day today!  Another peanut who is old enough to go to “Big School!” Today is KZ’s last day with us at Joyful Kidz!  I have had her since she was 6 weeks old!  I had her older bother too!  KZ is very creative and is an ‘out of the box thinker!’  I encourage ‘out of the box thinking’, the world actually needs more of that kind of thinking.  She is amazing at puzzles and who is more than excited to help clean up the place!  Oh, and she loves my green smoothies!  We have had many adventures together with our friends and I hope she enjoys her Memory photo book to remember us and all the exciting things we have done over the years.  We have had lots of fun together!  She loves our school activities and loves to make fun projects.   So I am sure she will love her new Kindergarten adventure!

We are planning our Summer Time Bucket List and it should be ready for my next post.  Have a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday!

Thanks for Reading!

Ms. Sally


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