Day at the Fair

In leu of our Community visit this week we went to the Co Fair!  We packed our lunch and headed to the Katbus bus stop. Some of our friends came along too. It was a great day!  I also want to thank my mom for riding along and being another set of eyes and hands!  Thanks MOM!  See the pictures below…

It is also time to be getting ready for school to start!  We will be starting our pre-k the first week in Sept. And we are super excited. And we are also excited to announce that I have become a partner with MotherGooseTime as a Blog Ambassador. Through this partnership, it will give my blog more of a direction and a focus each month. So make sure to subscribe so you done miss the awesome and exciting things we do in the Playroom.

With school coming there is supplies list. I used to love to get to pick my own stuff. I am a huge list maker and it is an exciting list to cross off. On Monday, I will be sending some simple school shopping list that the kiddos will use through the year.  Some kids have some left over from last year.

Have a great weekend.  Thanks for reading.

Ms Sally

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