First week of school! 

Monday is our Grandparents Visit @ 3:15!  We are excited to have them share a story and a snack with us.

CLOSED EARLY @ 12:15 on SEPT 14th.

We completed our first week school! We now have a 1st grader, 1 pre-K, 2 preschoolers, and 3 tots who just enjoy being in the middle of it all!  Monday, we have a new baby joining us! It will be a busy place around here but we will have lots of fun! Anyone want to deliver yummy healthy lunches everyday?! 11:30 would be amazing! Lol

This year we have been blessed with an exciting opportunity through Mother Goose Time!  We are now an approved blogger for the Mother Goose Time blog! This will provide some guidance and direction of blog topics.   I’m excited to be able to share and connect with this group.  This curriculum is a wonderful addition to our group.  It saves me many hours of writing and gives that precious time to my family.  I am able to rest assured that the kids are getting what they need and it is presented it in a way that is fun for everyone.  This month the topic is Me & My Family.

One of the changes in MGT is the addition of invitation to create (I2C).  At first, I was not sure I would like the change.  Personally, I like to see an example of things and then create my own take on it.  But this invitation to create process is exactly that; its about the process instead of the product.  I offer the supplies and then the kids can create how and what they wish.  There isn’t an example that they have to copy. I believe this is the difference between a craft and art.  This age is mostly too young to recreate crafts.  Sometimes, I would catch/stop myself from “fixing” what they did so you could tell what it was.   But this process is all what they want it to be and it is perfect regardless of what it looks like!  I admit, it will be a little of a challenge for me to “let go” but I think it will be fun and rewarding for them to see what they create.  This week we talked about our families and who was in our family tree.  So one of our I2C was to create apple tree like our family tree.  I choose to open this center to one child at a time.  I find that it enables the child to be unique and create their design.  While in a bigger group, they tend to copy each others design.  I did, however, noticed one of the older ones had a harder time during this process.  I am not sure if it is because they are having a hard time getting what they see in their head onto the paper or if they struggled because they didn’t have an example.  He was getting frustrated about it not going as planned.  I encouraged him to make what he wanted to and if you make a mistake then turn it into something else.  So he decided to use the materials and forgo the tree and make each of his family members favorite candy. He was happy with his work.

Kindergarten big kids!  I received the sweetest call this week! One of my “graduates” called me to tell me about her first day of kindergarten. I asked her what her favorite part of her day was and she said drop off! Haha, great job teacher(s) and parents. That is a make or break opportunity. I call that a WIN! That is the part about our group that I absolutely love! We become like family and they share exciting news/events with me.  That call made my night.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.

Ms. Sally

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