Week wrap-up Emotions

There are signs of my favorite season: Fall! I love the color change, the air change, sweatshirt weather, campfires, and s’mores. Something about it makes me think of my family! Fall in IN is beautiful. But I will enjoy our MN beauty until it undergoes another color change to white! 

So we took our topic of emotions this week and had lots of fun with it. We did lots of role playing and pretending as we discussed emotions and why we have each of them.  I think the favorite was being scared. We talked about what might scare us. Interestingly enough, the only thing really they mentioned was things at night. But as we played through out the day I heard some of them talking about more things that scared them. So we were able to talk about what to do. At our circle time we played with shadow puppets and each child was able to share a story with their pieces. I enjoy seeing their storytelling skills develop and progress. 

One of the faovorite things we do in our group time is choosing our “jobs”. Each day they all get to pick a job to do throughout the day. It gives them ownership in our routine and it provides growing opportunities for skills. Some of them are learning experiences for me too. 😜 But the jobs are something they enjoy and can be successful at. 

Tomorrow we begin talking about our pets. 

Have a great week, thanks for reading. 

Ms. Sally

The sad giant

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