Wrap up of September!

Wow, I can’t believe that it is the last day of September!  It has gone so fast.  And we are a month into school.  We finished up our Mother Goose Time theme of Me and My family.  We have discovered and discussed many things about our families and how we interact with them.  This week our focus was on how to be a good friend and family member: Caring, sharing, helping, encouraging, and cooperation. We had many conversations about situations and if it was handled in the ways we learned to be a good friend. We are learning. I did observe many opportunities throughout the week that shows me they are getting it! I will catch them playing nicely together with a friend or working together in a game or project. One day while we were at the table we each said something encouraging to a friend. It was precious to hear what even the little ones said! They are sweet ❤️’s!

Speaking of families… our family has some exciting news.  We just entered the last week of the trimester ONE! We are so blessed to have baby Calvin #2 coming in April 2017!  We are feeling good minus exhaustion but hopefully that will be getting better soon.  This one is very different than with Z-man.  Seth says it must be a girl because a body can only hold so much “girl” haha.  Apparently, I have been a little absent minded and moody! lol

I didn’t get around to posting last weeks wrap up. But we had lots of fun learning about family pets!  The kids made some props to play in dramatic play area. Puppy, cat, bird, fish, and rabbit. Surprisingly, the cat was not a big hit. The kids really expressed NOT liking cats. It was funny but we covered the basics but then moved on. The puppy shakers and the bird was the favorites. Even the babies loved playing with the shakers and  feathers.

I am excited to be starting our next theme in October: Down on the Farm. Bring on the farm animals. Thanks for reading and see you next time.



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