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CLOSED Thanksgiving and the Day After

CLOSED Christmas Vacation -Dec 23-Jan 2

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The last couple of weeks has  been beautiful and unseasonably warm. We enjoyed the outdoors as much as possible.  The walk to the park was sunny and crisp.  I had to grab a picture one day because the kids even noticed how it was bright and sunny.

The curriculum in November from MGT has complied such a wonderful collection of Community helpers! They are still a big hit! Each day a new helper is added.  A few of our favorites would be the addition of teacher, chef, construction worker, banker, plumber, and the hairdresser.

Teacher Day:

The kids took turns being the teacher and helping with the little ones while we played a game.  The teacher would roll the die and then announce what everyone should color on their paper.  We talked about the tools that a teacher would needed to have.  One tool we learned about was the ruler.  Each child brought an item to circle time that we could measure.  With the older ones we went a little deeper and talked and recorded items to the half inch mark.

Chef Day/Blizzard Day:

The kids loved being a chef. MGT provided sheets that we cut apart and stapled together to create order tablets.  They loved going around the room to ask what each person would like to order and checking off items to take to the chef.  Even the babies love to be in the kitchen. We read the story “Stone Soup” using story pieces and pretend food. On Friday, all the schools were closed because of the blizzard.  I had the older kids help me in the kitchen.  We made our own version of stone soup aka chili.  It seemed fitting for the 6 1/2 inches of snow that we received.

Construction Worker:

We would like to thank Marcus Construction for providing safety vest and hats for our dramatic play area.  The outfits could be found throughout the week.  The kids didn’t want to take them off.  On this day, during circle time we read many of the library books that I had checked out that went with the community helper theme.  They absolutely love to be read to.


We looked at several types of paper money from different countries and then they designed their own money.  I made a safe deposit box that included a letter combination lock.  The kids drew three letters for their combination and then they could unlock it and withdraw or deposit money in the bank.


It was fun for them to be able to discover and explore what happens when you put something down a pipe and what happens if you bend the pipe.  The older ones were able to create their own pipe collage.  It is a good thing that we learned about what a plumber does this week.  We ended up needing to call our emergency family plumber, Mr. Seth. He saved the day.


The kids like to “fix my hair” and make-up me.  So they really enjoyed the hairdresser day.  The boys loved the effect of the hairdryer.  We had paper flying all over; but man were the giggles flying too.  The art cart activity was cute too.  We made faces on the paper plates and added curly hair or straight hair to it.  They curled the paper with a pencil.  It was a little challenging for the little ones to be able to maneuver the fine motor skill of curling.  So we helped them with the curling and let them master the glue stick.

This week we also had a birthday! Birthdays are so much fun!  Happy 5th Birthday Miss. KS.  You are a sweet heart and we enjoy having you around!

We also received some exciting news about our blog!  We are now officially a Mother Goose Time Ambassador


I received curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. After using Mother Goose Time for a year, I am excited to be able to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time! #MGTblogger

Again, thank you for reading. Have a great week!

Ms. Sally

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