Family Traditions

As we have finished off the year, I have observed a season of family traditions.  Some old ones merging into our family creating new traditions with both of our families. Before we left for our Christmas in Indiana, Seth, Zane and I were able to spend the weekend with Gma/Gpa Calvin.  It was amazing to watch ZC be able to experience and share some of the same traditions that his Dad had as a child.  Each experience he had that weekend was different from what I had as a child, but wonderful to be able to be merged into his holiday memories as a collage of both of our families, which in turn creates our own!

After our time in Indiana came to an end, we began the dreaded good-byes! But we left with so many new memories to add to the bank! Z has had a blast with all his cousins. Wrestling was a fun event with the boys this year. Z surprised us all with an impressive move that had his opponent near knockout. We will have to do some research on fine-tuning  his skills.  The big boys do such a great job with him.  But I found myself saying, “Z, be nice to the big kids!” lol

We were able to see many family members from back home.  I have said so many times that I wish I could make MN and IN a little closer! I tried to take a cute little Christmas family photo… well, when you have a silly family this is what you get: 8 pictures and two of which Seth is not in! I love my family. 😂

Most of the daycare kiddos were with family while we were on vacation.  Before we left for the Christmas, I was able to put a project packet together for each kiddo while they were on break.  I used the last week from the MGT curriculum and sent them home for the families to help.  The families seemed to be excited to have projects to work on. The way that MGT has organized the activities, especially with the Invitation to Create projects with the inspiration photos, it is easy to provide the materials and let the little one create.  It is a concept that takes a little bit to get used to but once you do it is actually fun and encouraging to see what the little ones come up with from their minds.

I also asked them if they thought of it, to take a few pictures of the kiddos working on the projects to share.  I got a few back…

Again, we are excited to be back home… not so excited for the -20 degrees weather but it goes with the territory!  We hope you have a wonderful year in 2017!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful and exciting New Year. Be blessed!

Ms. Sally

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