The gift of Thanks

One thing that gives a person a little boost after a gift giving event is a well thought out thank you note. (Bonus points for a hand written card ūüėÄ) I love making them as well as receiving them! My love language is the gift of time, so when I receive a card after I give a gift it is a double boost to know that the gift I gave was appreciated enough to receive the time it takes to make a card. I so enjoyed making a handmade thank you card very similar to the one in the photo above. With the technical changes, Thank you’s, as well as, handwritten letters are becoming a thing of the past and that is unfortunate. But I totally understand why and find myself taking advantage at times. ¬†The crazy busyness we find ourselves in daily life and double time it during the holidays it is hard to fit everything into our schedules. But this is one area I would like to encourage my little ones to continue. ¬†At the beginning of the school year for Z, I designated Wednesday as “Thank You note” day. I encouraged all of us to write a note of thanks to someone. Not that we were perfect at it, but it kept it in the back of our minds as a gesture we should continue.

With that being said, I really do have the best daycare families! They are all amazing parents and care enough to ask about their child’s day. I am glad and blessed that they all have joined our Joyful Kidz family! ¬†I feel overwhelmed by the gifts¬†they have given to our family! ¬†It makes me feel good to know that they know me so well. ¬†Everything represented a part of me.¬†

This year for the kids Christmas presents to the parents, we made the calendars for the year.  I probably enjoy making them more than the kids enjoy getting messy in the paint!  I like adding the details to the hands and feet to make the picture transform.  In the past few years, I have discovered that I like to use painting as my go-to relaxing/stress reliever. I am not claiming to be good but I enjoy it and that is good enough for me.


Among many other things that I am thankful for this year is the addition of the Mother Goose Time Blogging friends.  I am fairly new to the blogging world and I hope to continue to grow and develop my skills to create a blog that is a combination of many things.

So, again THANK YOU for joining us in our adventures in the Playroom! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Ms. Sally

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