February: We Love Nursery Rhymes!

Last week we finished up our talk of Baby Animals. After our “Bus-Box” arrived from MGT we couldn’t wait to dig into it!  The month of February we will be learning about a different nursery rhyme everyday! We are so loving it!

While we were finishing up Baby animals last week, we were super busy getting bigger, smarter, braver, and stronger. We started the week out slow but by Friday we were going full force. While we talked about growing bigger and we got to see what we actually looked like on paper. I traced the little ones too but they we gone in a flash with no time to snap a picture! Everyone was surprised at how big they looked on paper. They each got to put faces and clothes on themselves.  Two of them decided they were a bit too big to cover so they improvised with a “beach scene.” (Less clothes to color.:-)) One certain BIG kid had a great example of getting bigger! He lost tooth #5!

img_8762 img_8761

We also talked about training our pets. They drew a picture of a pet they wanted and then dictated a story about what they wanted to teach them to be smarter.


Being brave in this group is not something that is lacking! According to them they are brave as lions 🦁 and Turtle ninja warriors! They feel they can conquer the world! Go get ’em!


Last Friday, we were hoping to have an outside play day.  But it was wishful thinking! But the great thing about kids… with proper explanation they are able to be understand and be resourceful! They came up with a new plan.  They called it “Outside-In” Day. We were able to get stronger inside!


This week we jumped right into the Nursery Rhymes!

Here is the February Theme Web from MGT!

We are going to love this month of Nursery Rhymes! I kinda feel that kids don’t really get enough of the simple things of the past.  As parents and educators, we want to help our little ones to excel and be ready for Kindergarten.   We encourage them to learn concepts and ideas that will set them up for success.  I am ALL for the idea of early learning as long as it is done through play.  When “babies” (infants, tots, and even preK) feel pressured to learn it is too much!  Even with our awesome monthly delivery of our “bus-box” from Mother Goose Time, I have to keep it real! The entire purpose for our “Playroom Play” to to be able to grow and develop at age appropriate levels in a way they don’t know they are learning.  So if I feel that they are being too pressured… out goes the activity and on with the play! They can learn so much and sometimes more from each other as they play together.  That is another great thing about MGT, it enables me to be flexible for the needs of the kids.  They come first!

Ok, back to Nursery Rhymes… this week we looked at the number rhymes.  This Little Piggy, Sing a song of Sixpence, 1, 2, Buckle my Shoe, and Hickory Dickory Dock. We also threw in Humpy Dumpty for fun!


…Hickory Dickory Dock. Even little P got to be a mouse on the clock. We also played a numbers game with our mice. They would spin the clock hands and then take that many steps to the finish line.

This is a shot of A finding his word in his book. The kids love the accomplishment of “reading!”

…1, 2, Buckle my shoe  We decorated doors and we acted out the poem with our doors.

As we talked about Sing a song of Six Pence, we talked about the birds flying out of the pie. Z had just put together this contraption so we attached some birds to it to see  if we could make birds fly. We were not successful but we had fun trying!

We were able to get some much needed outside time on Friday. It was beautiful and sunny!

One last note… look tomorrow for my Manipulative Monday MGT post with the Giveaway! The kids love them!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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