We have a winner!

We have a winner for our Manipulative Giveaway…  Pam H!   Thank you to those who took the time to enter our drawing.  I know it was a little bit of a learning curve for me.  But I hope to do it again in the near future.

Using Manipulatives

This past few weeks we were able to enjoy some beautiful weather!  We were able to go to the park a couple of times and we decided that we really missed it!  It is so great for everyone that is able to go, big and little!  I actually surprised myself to be able to walk all of the kiddos to the park without having to stop multiple times for a “preggo breathing break!” But we made it and fun was had by everyone.

Park Play

We have so enjoyed the Nursery Rhymes adventures from MGT! The activities and props were so adorable, the kids had a blast repeating them and singing them over and over.  At the end of the month, I sent home the nursery rhyme books that I had made from the color sheets.

We have had a couple of celebrations lately.  We celebrated Valentines day and Dr. Seuss’s B-day. (As well as a little Mr DW’s B-day)  Unfortunately, my photographer (me) didn’t do so well during the last two celebrations at capturing the events! But I think it was because we were having so much fun we didn’t have time. Here is what I did capture…

Valentines Day

This next picture sums up how we ALL felt two weeks ago! In addition to having two kiddos gone on vacation… we had a nasty bug go through! We had low numbers and everyone felt like this! And for the record, he was Old King Cole and playing with Miss C about five minutes after this cute capture! (See next picture!)

We also made a post card to send to Mr. ZC in Florida!

With our week of yucky’s and vacation time, we fit in as many of our circle time days as we felt up to.  Here are a few of them that we covered:

I wanted to share a picture that I received from my little Mr. Z while he was away. He is so brave! His momma WOULD NOT have done this… He had a great time spending time with his Gma and Gpa! I love that they desire to include him in amazing memory making adventures!

Mr. Brave!

I have to share my other littlest mister (in the making)… He is getting bigger and will soon make his arrival in about 5 weeks! Yikes, are we ready?!

Baby Calvin #2

Thank you again for reading and have a wonderful week! We hope to enjoy as much of the expected nice weather as we possibly can! I also wanted to thank Mother Goose Time for enabling me to be able to share and provide such exciting adventures with the little ones.  #mgtblogger

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