Our Community Extended w/ Mother Goose Time

We wrapped up our Community helper topics for November!  We absolutely loved everything in this months kit from MGT!  I have a soft spot in my heart for the people in our community and all the work and dedication it takes to make a community survive.  For the past 5 years, I have organized and implemented a Community Visit program for the Willmar area Daycare Providers!  Every other Friday in the summer, we have a community helper meet many of the daycares at a local park and give a talk to explain about what their job includes.  Then there is a time where the kids can ask questions and then be able to see the “vehicle” or equipment that is required to be successful.  I started this because of my desire to educate hands-on w/o a way of transporting everyone all around.  Having them come to us helped to ensure that many children are able to see and experience things that might not happen otherwise.  This also offers many opportunities for the children to learn what to do in and who to call in an emergency, as well as explaining who keeps us safe and healthy.  Everyone that came to visit was amazing and did a great job of explaining their role in the community.  This year the theme for our visits was “People who make our Community An Awesome Place to Live.”  Here are some pictures of this years Comm Visits.

Our MGT box was full of ideas and projects that I was able to extend our interest in our community.  A fellow blogger has taken the time to go through the entire contents of our Mother Goose Time November curriculum!  I highly encourage you to check it out!  It is amazing what is in there.  So much, that somedays, we can’t cover everything.  All of the  projects or activities within the box are geared towards the appropriate developmental levels of the kids of our group.  The teachers book has ideas and tips on how to alter the activity to either extend it or simplify it for all ages.  If a child is struggling to be successful at what they are desiring to accomplish and they seem to be flustered, there are suggestions to make the accomplished goal more attainable.  We begin to ask questions about how else can we do this? what else can we use? Who can we ask for an idea? etc.  By asking questions they begin to think differently about the task at hand.

This week we we are working on Christmas presents for our parents.  I am really late on getting these done this year! But they are going smooth.  I can’t share too much about our project.  The kids have placed their seal of approved on it.  But you will have to wait for pictures of our top secret mission.

As a reminder, JKD will be closed for Christmas Dec 23-Jan 2.  We are excited to be going to Indiana to see family.  We also will be having our Christmas party on Dec 17.  We will be having Breakfast with Santa!

Thank you for reading.  Have a wonderful week.

Ms. Sally


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